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Biogas is a colorless and special odor combustible mixture gas. Biogas contains hydrogen sulfide, so it has the odor of rotten eggs. The reason why biogas can be burned is that biogas contains methane, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and other combustible gases. Below the biogas desulfurization factory for everyone to popularize some basic conditions of biogas fermentation, I hope to help you!
Biogas is a kind of flammable gas produced by biogas microorganisms fermenting and decomposing organic matter under anaerobic conditions. This gas is found in marshes, so it is called biogas. The proportion of its components varies with the variety of fermentation materials, relative quantity, fermentation conditions and fermentation time.
There are three basic conditions for the production of biogas by hand
1. Biogas digester: an anaerobic device isolated from air to ensure that biogas microorganisms live in a strict anaerobic environment, while facilitating the collection and storage of biogas.
2. Biogas microorganisms: They are the producers of biogas. Biogas microorganisms are a variety of specific and facultative bacteria with different habits. They exist in biogas digesters, dung pits, sludge and cow dung. For this kind of material, we call it inoculum, which is the necessary raw material for the first feeding of biogas digester.
3. Fermentation raw materials: Organic substances that can be decomposed and utilized by biogas microorganisms. The main raw materials for biogas fermentation in rural areas are human, livestock, poultry manure, crop straw, green fodder, weeds and so on.
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