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Under the situation of increasing energy shortage and environmental protection requirements, biogas utilization can enrich and improve the energy structure, alleviate the imbalance between energy supply and demand, improve the utilization rate of renewable resources, reduce the consumption of non-renewable energy, avoid environmental pollution caused by waste, and reduce the production costs of industry, agriculture, animal husbandry and aquaculture. It is of practical significance to upgrade the utilization value of by-products. Therefore, the development of biogas technology needs to pay attention to the following points:
(1) Research on multi-material and high-concentration combined fermentation technology to ensure sufficient raw materials for gas production and improve the gas production rate of the plant. The biogas project is developing towards centralization and large-scale, so as to improve the engineering economy and energy efficiency.
(2) To improve the incentive policy of renewable energy, in view of the multi-level utilization of energy and material recycling of biogas projects, which not only produces the public benefits of energy conservation and emission reduction, but also brings environmental benefits, the government should increase financial subsidies and support, and give some preferential policies to encourage development;
(3) The development of comprehensive utilization technology of biogas and the development of biogas purification technology will enable biogas to be injected into natural gas network as fuel or used in vehicles instead of gasoline and diesel, so as to realize high-end utilization of biogas and improve energy efficiency.
(4) Biogas power generation and fuel cell are new ways to effectively utilize biogas resources, which have great potential for development.
(5) Strengthen the research and development of new technologies and equipment for biogas engineering, improve efficiency and reduce project costs. Especially suitable for remote areas and isolated islands and other areas of comprehensive utilization of small-scale methane utilization technology development;
(6) Improve and rationally plan the distribution of aquaculture and planting industries, achieve comprehensive and balanced utilization of resources, reduce transportation costs and improve efficiency.
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