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Biogas is a kind of mixed gas, which contains hydrogen sulfide, which is harmful and must be removed before use. Among the many desulfurization methods, biogas desulfurization has received everyone's favor. Here's a brief summary of the reasons for this!
1、高效率: 硫化氢去除率高达98.5%
1. High efficiency: the removal rate of hydrogen sulfide is as high as 98.5%.
2、高适应范围: 可处理硫化氢浓度高达1.5% (15000ppm)
2. High adaptability: 1.5% (15000 ppm) of hydrogen sulfide can be treated.
3、低成本: 与其它脱硫技术相比,运行成本最低
3. Low Cost: Compared with other desulfurization technologies, the operation cost is the lowest.
4、高安全性: 无二次污染
4. High safety: no secondary pollution
5、无人值守: 系统通过在线监测系统全自动运行
5. Unattended: The system runs automatically through on-line monitoring system
6、维护简单: 少量的维护工作
6. Simple Maintenance: Small Maintenance Work
The above basic information about biogas biological desulfurization equipment will be introduced to you first. For example, if you don't know anything else, you are welcome to our official website: and our online customer service staff for consultation, I believe you will have a satisfactory answer. Thank you for your support!
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