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In order to ensure the efficient operation of biogas desulfurization project, effectively dispose of waste, access to clean energy and prevent pollution, we must pay attention to some matters needing attention.
1. Periodically inspect the operation of structures, equipment, electrical and instrumentation, and make original records of daily safe operation.
2. Establish a three-level protection and overhaul system for daily maintenance, regular maintenance and overhaul of biogas projects. Boilers, pressure vessels and other equipment maintenance, professional repair qualified units should be employed.
3. Large impurities in raw materials should be removed before feeding to prevent blockage of feeding pump. During the feeding process, pay attention to observe whether the discharging is normal, and avoid the blockage of the discharging outlet. Anaerobic fermentation tank equipped with circulating stirring device should be avoided in the period from 2 hours before feeding to 2 hours after feeding.
4. Operators should do a good job of safety protection in daily inspection and maintenance, climb up and down stairs, open pools and structures, and when inspecting and operating by wellbore, they should prevent slipping or falling, and pay attention to skid prevention in rainy days.
5. All kinds of facilities and equipment should be kept clean to avoid leakage of water, mud and gas. Remove condensate from gas pipeline, dehydrator and desulfurization tower in time.
6. Ensure that the safety valves of biogas tanks and gas storage cabinets keep positive pressure. Normal pressure should not be formed. Negative pressure should be strictly prohibited. When the pressure is lower than the normal value, they should be shut down or stopped using and checked strictly.
7. In order to put up "No Fireworks" signs in striking places in biogas production zones, fire fighting facilities must be equipped, inflammable and explosive articles must be prohibited, fireworks must be strictly prohibited, and open fire operations in violation of regulations must be strictly prohibited. Management and operators should be familiar with the use of fire extinguishing devices.
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